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5 thumbs-up vertical gardening secrets you can use today!
Grow UP nor OUT for more vegetables and flowers in much less space!
You'll love all the space-saving, work-saving techniques in VERTICAL GARDENING. Grow delicious vegetables and fruits and colorful flowers up a trellis, on garden netting, in a tower of pots, and over simple garden structures for your easiest, most productive garden EVER! Try it and see!
Discover the juiciest vining tomatoes! Grow up to 300 pounds of juciy tomatoes from a single plant!
If you want LOTS of juicy tomatoes, grow top-performing vertical varieties like Better Boy Hybrid.

Or how would you like to grow a smooth, meaty, and delicious tomato as big as a grapefruit? Or an unusual TALL-vined Italian paste tomato that?s perfect for thick, zesty sauce? Or a super-flavorful variety that easily grows tomatoes 3 pounds each! The good news starts on page 175 of VERTICAL GARDENING!
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Watch your garden soar to new heights of beauty and bounty!

Grow potatoes and
tomatoes in a single garden plant!
All you need is a potato, a peeler, and a small tomato transplant. Page 230

Turn your garden world UPSIDE DOWN! Easy-to-make upside-down planter gives you MUCH better results than the expensive commercial variety. Page 43

Grow your own bird nesting boxes!
Now it’s easy to grow bottle gourds and turn them into a nice neighborhood for garden birds next year!
Page 268

The secret to thimble-size, sugar-sweet blackberries! Take the "ouch" out of blackberry picking — and grow more juicy fruit in less space! Page 11

Grow up to 42 pounds of grapes from a single vine! Sweet and juicy success is practically guaranteed when you follow the two simple secrets to success. Page 242

The best way to lure soil-building earthworms to your garden. Just be sure your compost contains plenty of (see page 73). Earthworms love it!

The EASY trick for super pumpkins, tomatoes, and melons! Discover the no-dig, no-added-fertilizer planting trick to your best-ever veggies. It's super-easy! Page 74

Discover HUNDREDS of smart hints PLUS the best vertical-growing plants. It's all yours FREE for 21 days in VERTICAL GARDENING!

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No digging! No weeding! Get super-high yields the easy way with your own skyscraper garden!
A few pieces of wood, a crosspiece, and some netting are all you need to create a powerhouse Skyscraper Garden that can produce up to 20 trombone zucchini, 500 tomatoes, and 50 cucumbers!

See page 47 for details ... plus find out which plants will grow best. It's as easy as A-B-C with VERTICAL GARDENING.
Upright flower displays draw butterflies and hummingbirds! Brighten your yard with brilliant columns of color!
Bedding flowers are nice and they deserve a place in your garden, but they're no match for the tower of dazzling colors you can grow when you plant orange and red climbing nasturtiums together. Or grow a brilliant curtain of hundreds of yellow, orange, or pink black-eyed Susan vines that draw hummingbirds like a magnet. See VERTICAL GARDENING for can't-miss details!
Now it's super-easy to multiply your strawberry crop! Sweet strawberry success from spring through fall? YES!
Now you can grow big, fresh, juicy climbing strawberries continuously from spring through fall. Read the startling secret on page 253 for sweet success. Grow them in hanging baskets for a gorgeous curtain effect ... or train them to grow up to 4 feet tall in a pyramid or scaffold. See how, in your FREE-preview copy of VERTICAL GARDENING!
Grow melons up and off the ground with a support sling. Garden pests don't stand a chance whrn you garden vertically!
When you grow UP, insect and disease problems automatically become less serious because your plants are off the ground where pests and disease live. And, on the off chance insect pests do find your garden, you'll be prepared, thanks to VERTICAL GARDENING! Spray a little (see page 104) on your plant's leaves to shoo them away. Or make up your own potent garlic/pepper spray repellent as shown on page 104. Or take your pick of a dozen other natural remedies to thwart insect pests and disease!
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